What is a Neocard?


A Neocard is a customer loyalty card specially designed for loyal Neogas users that will allow loyal customers to accumulate points when visiting Neogas filling stations.


Terms and Conditions for Issuance of Neocards


A Neocard can be issued to any customer of Neogas by purchasing natural gas in any volume, either by cash or by bank card.


The Neocard is issued free of charge by all Neogas filling stations to customers upon presentation of a valid identity document and a valid mobile telephone number.


Card Replacement


In the event of a Neocard being lost or stolen, Neogas should be notified immediately and the card will be replaced free of charge by the service manager at the filling station. If the card becomes damaged in any way, the same procedure must be followed.


Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the Neogas Hotline operator by calling


2 47 16 16 in order for the card to be stopped immediately and to prevent the points accumulated on your card from being used by an unauthorized party. In the event of the cardholder failing to report a lost or stolen card timeously, Neogas cannot accept any claims or responsibility for refunds due to the misuse of the card and points during that period.


If your telephone number has changed since your card was originally issued, please contact Neocard for a replacement card by calling the Neogas Hotline at 2 47 16 16 during office hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Old cards will automatically become invalid and the points accumulated will be transferred to the new card.


To remove a block on the Neocard, please contact the Neogas Hotline operator at 2 47 16 16.


How to Use your Neocard

Upon the purchase of any amount of natural gas, the card must be presented to the attendant and you will immediately receive points and the benefit from discounts at our filling stations. Points accumulated can be redeemed for natural gas of an equivalent value upon presentation of your valid Neocard. In order to remain informed about points earned, you will receive an SMS code on your mobile phone via the number which has been registered on the Neocard database. Any enquiries can be directed to the Neogas Hotline operator at 2 47 16 16. 

Every time you use your Neocard, you will receive a short message stating the transaction and the current balance. If you want to enquire about your accumulated points, you can contact the filling station manager, visit our website or access the Neogas mobile application. 

If your Neocard has not been used at least once during a 12 month period, the card will become invalid and any unused points will be forfeited. 

Neogas Administrators reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of use at any time without prior notification. Furthermore, the administrators reserves the right to block users from accessing the card in the event of any incomplete data, suspicious or fraudulent card transactions, software changes, changes in service policy and others reasons deemed valid. 

From March 1, 2022, any issue related to Neocard will be served by Gas and Petrol Company Ltd (ID 406350602), including the company will be responsible for redemption points accumulated until March 1, 2022.

Cardholder Responsibilities


The cardholder is required to notify Neogas Administrators of any change in personal information by contacting the Neogas Hotline number 2 47 16 16 during business hours, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.



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