What is Neocard?

Neocard is a constant consumption accumulation card, which is intended for loyal customers of Neogas auto-gas stations.

The rule of issuing a card

Neocard holder can become any retail customer of Neogas, who purchase any amount of natural gas through cash or bank card.

The card is issued free of charge at all stations of Neogas, based on the ID card.

Card Recovery

If you lose your Neocard, you should immediately notify the hotline operator about the incident on the number 2 47 16 16 to block the card on time and the finder can not use the points on the card.

To restore lost or damaged card, you should contact to the refueller at the station and inform about this and you will be able to restore the card on the basis of the ID card for free. The new card will automatically get the existing points and the old card will be canceled.

If the cardholder does not timely announce the loss of the card and the finder will use the existing points on the card, the company removes the responsibility to return the points to the cardholder.

To remove the block on the card, you should contact the hotline operator, on the number 2 47 16 16.

Using the card

Purchasing any amount of natural gas after passing through the Neocard in the terminal you will get points on the card.

Accumulated points can be changed on the natural gas of the appropriate value.  You need to have a card to change points.

Every use of Neocard you will receive a short text message about the last transaction and current balance. To find out the points, you can also refer to the station refueller or visit the web page. If Neocard is not used by you at least once during 12 months (will not be used in terminal), the unused points will be canceled.

The administration of Neogas reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use of the Neocard without notice at any time. In addition, the administration is authorized to block the user’s use of the card in case of obtaining incomplete questionnaires, suspicious operations carried out on the card, software changes, service additions and so on.

The duties of the cardholder

The cardholder is obliged to notify the administration of Neogas about the change of his personal information on the hotline number 2 47 16 16.


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