Neogas is one of the leading companies on the market, which is engaged in the realization of Compressed Natural Gas on the entire territory of Georgia. Neogas owns 21 auto gas stations and 13 mobile stations.

Neogas is a member of the Georgian Industrial Group (GIG) with 20 years of experience. GIG is one of the largest industrial groups in Georgia, employing up to 4000 employees and owns a diversified business portfolio, which includes:

  • Coal mining;
  • Electricity generation;
  • Natural gas trading;
  • Property management.
The value system is a top priority for the organization, which means: social responsibility, trust, effectiveness and development. The company, as part of society, is aware of its responsibility for economic development of country.

Mission and Values
Neogas’s mission is to develop compressed natural gas industry in Georgia and make a consumer familiar with the cleanest, efficient and economical fuel.

The main goal of Neogas is to be a leading company with sales indicators in the industry, to have a stable high quality of service and product and to increase the number of loyal customers. The company aims to expand its network and to cover the whole area of Georgia.

Neogas is an eco-caring company that:
  • Offers consumers product, compressed natural gas, which is less damaging to the environment compared to other alternative fuels;
  • Perceives caring for nature as a social responsibility and encourages customers to choose the brand and the product behind which stands caring for the environment and to contribute to the protection of nature;
  • Offers customers renewed Neogas eco stations.
Neogas offers customers:
  • The largest network across the country;
  • Ecologically cleanest and economical fuel;
  • Customer-oriented, high quality service.
  • In Neogas security regulations are constantly checked and the quality of their safety;
  • The company continuously cares of equipping the gas stations with the latest technologies;
  • New mechanisms are introduced at the gas stations;
  • The customer service standard is introduced in the network of Neogas gas station.
Consumer loyalty towards the company doubly increases the responsibility of Neogas. The duty of the company to be a reliable partner and offer customers the product and service which meet their needs.

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Hotline: +995 (32) 2 47 16 16
Address: Tbilisi, Gazafkhuli Str. N18
TEL: +995 (32) 2 21 03 31