Neogas is one of the top market leaders in the field of natural energy supply and provides Compressed Natural Gas to various points across the entire territory of Georgia. Neogas owns 15 vehicle gas stations and 4 mobile fueling sites.

Embracing a core value system is a top priority for our organization, which means: social responsibility, trust, effectiveness and development. The company, as part of society, is aware of its responsibility towards the economic development of the country.


Mission and Values

Neogas’ mission is to develop a compressed natural gas industry in Georgia and to make consumers familiar with the cleanest, most efficient and most cost-effective fuel.



The main goal of Neogas is to be the top market leader and to expand services and sales in all aspects of the industry, to have stable, high quality services and products and to increase the number of loyal customers. The company aims to expand its network and to cover the whole area of Georgia.


Neogas is an eco-caring company that:

  • Offers consumers products and compressed natural gas which is more environmentally friendly and less damaging to the environment compared to other alternative fuels;
  • Perceives caring for nature as a social responsibility, and encourages customers to choose the brand and products which are supported by caring for the environment and that contribute to the protection of nature and natural resources;
  • Offers customers upgraded Neogas eco-friendly gas stations.


Neogas offers customers:

  • The largest network across the country;
  • Ecologically cleanest and most economical fuel;
  • Customer-oriented, high-quality service.



  • At Neogas, security regulations are constantly checked as well as the quality and functionality of safety equipment;
  • The company continuously cares about equipping gas stations with the latest cutting-edge technologies;
  • New mechanisms are continuously introduced at gas stations;
  • High-level customer service standards are introduced and maintained across the network of Neogas gas stations.



Neogas is highly aware of the importance of consumer loyalty towards the company, and takes this responsibility very seriously. The company has a responsibility towards customers and it is our duty to be a reliable partner and to offer customers the highest level of products and services which meet their needs.

Contact Us

Address: 18 Gazapkhuli Str., Tbilisi