Corporate Services

Neogas offers individuals and organizations the opportunity to purchase fuel by means of our Corporate Coupon system. Coupon holders are able to purchase batches of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 cubic meters of gas.

Coupons can be purchased at the Neogas company head office located at 117 Tsereteli Avenue, Tbilisi, through non-cash payments (electronic transfer or credit card) or on a consignment basis. Coupons can be used immediately upon purchase at any Neogas Gas Station.


Corporate Web Application

The corporate card system was successfully introduced in December 2016, which is a more cost-effective and convenient means of fuel management.

Corporate card holders can access the Neogas corporate web application, which enables them to utilize and control natural gas balances on their cards more efficiently. It can be used by any individual or organization that bears a valid corporate card.


In order to use the corporate web application, a corporate cardholder must purchase a specific amount of natural gas, after which the required number of smart cards will be issued. You will need a valid username and password to authenticate access to the system.


Corporate Web Application Features


  • Instantly monitor your organization's cards and the natural gas balances on your account;
  • Decrease or increase the amount of natural gas on the cards;
  • View the history of purchased natural gas volumes;
  • View utilization information by card expenditure, volumes, stations, and dates;
  • Control based on the history of the distributed volumes.


Benefits of the Corporate Web Application

  • Control of natural gas balances;
  • Flexibility, ease and speed;
  • Simplified registration procedure;
  • The ability to instantly purchase and distribute balances via the web application;
  • 24 hour monitoring via the web application;
  • Time-saving due to internet access (a company representative does not have to visit the head office for every purchase of natural gas);
  • Corporate cards are issued to clients free of charge according to the number of vehicles in use.


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