The Company Neogas is offering physical and legal entities to purchase fuel through the coupon system. Corporate customers can purchase 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cubic coupons.

Coupons can be purchased by as a non-cash settlement, as well as a consignment, located on Tbilisi, Gazafkhuli str. №18, at the head office of Neogas. Coupons can be used upon purchasing at the Neogas auto gas stations.

Corporate Web Application

In December 2016, the corporate card system was successfully implemented, which is a better and convenient way to manage fuel.

Corporate users can use the corporate web application that allows them to distribute and control the balance of the natural gas on the card. It can be used by any physical or legal corporate client.

To use corporate web application, corporate consumers should purchase a certain amount of natural gas and after that they will be given the desired number of plastic cards. User name and password are required to authenticate the application.

The Functions of Corporate Web Application

  • View the cards of the company and the balance of existing natural gas;
  • Reduce or addition to the amount of natural gas on the cards;
  • View the history of purchased natural gas volumes;
  • View information of spending limits by cards, according to stations and dates;
  • Control the history of distributed volumes.

Advantages of Corporate Web Application

  • Control of natural gas balance;
  • Flexibility and speed;
  • Simple registering system;
  • The possibility of immediate reflection and withdrawal after putting the balance on the card through a web application;
  • 24-hour monitoring through web application;
  • Remote control means (company representative does not have to come to the head office at every purchase of natural gas for coupons);
  • Corporate cards are given to the company for free of charge according to the number of their cars.


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