26 June 2017

Station Landscaping

Did you know that compressed natural gas is ecologically the cleanest fuel?! In terms of the environmental protection, it is less damaging to the environment compared with other alternative fuels.

Nowadays, the issue of ecology is becoming more and more actual in the whole world. The company Neogas also actively initiates caring for the environment and encourages consumers to choose the brand and the product behind which stands caring for the environment and the greenness and to contribute to the protection of nature.

At the first stage the two Neogas stations will be lansdcaped (Saburtalo, University str. N6 / Ortachala, Gulua str. N22), where a consumer will be able to be in the recreational zone.

Become a part of all this, choose Neogas and accordingly the green!

Visit Neogas eco stations on June 29 and get eco gifts.

Neogas – Green is our choice!

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