10 September 2023

Updated terms and conditions on Neocard!

Updated terms and conditions on Neocard!

From September 10, use Neocard and receive discount of 9 tetri:

instant discount - 7 tetri
accumulation on the card + 2 tetri

How can I get 9 tetri benefit?
  • Fill your car at Neogas filling stations.
  • Use Neocard as plastic card or mobile app.
  • Receive 9 tetri increased benefit on every 1m³ of natural gas purchase: -7 tetri instant discount, + 2 tetri accumulation.
  • The action will operate everyday at all Neogas stations throughout Georgia.

How can I get NEOCARD ?

Ask for Neocard at any Neogas station and get it for free.

use Neocard and get an benefit of 9 tetri.

Neocard - Collect free cilometers! 

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