18 April 2019

Technical Inspection joint action Available in Kutaisi

Technical Inspection Available in Kutaisi

➡  Technical Inspection is Available in Kutaisi!

Have you taken your vehicle for the mandatory technical inspection yet?

As part of a joint effort between Neogas and Power Export, you will be able to join the promotion after receiving a Power Export Certificate and Compliance Card. We will refund half the amount paid for the Certificate in the form of Neocard Bonus Points.


How to participate in this event:

  • Check-in the vehicle at Power Export;
  • Pay inspection fees at Power Export;


  • You will also be able to get your Neocard at the Power Export testing center if you do not already have a Neocard.
  • Activate the NeoCard at the Power Export testing center with no additional effort.


Under the terms and conditions of this promotion, we will refund you half of the amount paid to Power Export.  By purchasing natural gas at Neogas, you will receive a discount of 3 tetri per 1m3 on the standard Neocard:


This offer is valid for a period of 12 months!


Power Export also offers their customers an inspection of gas bottles and gas bottle equipment installed in their vehicles.

With the latest technology and qualified staff, your vehicle will undergo a full inspection and you can obtain your technical certificate!

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