14 March 2019

Special Offer on Insurance at Neogas

Special Offer on Insurance at Neogas Special Offer on Insurance for Neocard Holders Continues!


Visit any Neogas gas stations from 15 March to 15 April and:

  • Use your Neocard or use the Neogas mobile app;
  • Purchase a total of 200 m³ of natural gas.


Be among the top 500 customers and receive a one-year liability insurance policy from Benefits Insurance with a third party vehicle owner.


Within the terms of reference of the gift policy, Benefits Insurance shall cover any financial, health or other loss incurred by third parties.

What vehicle liability insurance means to a third party and why it matters:
Third party liability insurance is one of the most important and valuable products in the field of modern insurance.

  • First Person – Insured
  • Second person - Insurance company
  • Third party - A person who has suffered some damage/injury as a result of the insured person’s actions. Insurance policies will cover the costs of your car as well as injuries and/or damage to third parties’ and their property.

To activate the voucher policy, visit www.autoinsurance.ge  and enter the voucher code and voucher number under the box to complete the application. Apply for a policy voucher for third party vehicle liability insurance no later than 1st of May 2019.

Neogas Wishes You A Safe Journey!

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