23 Feb 2021

Opening the Neomarket in Tbilisi

The 4th cafe market of Neogas has opened!

Visit the neomarket in Digomi where you can meet the wonderful people with the amazing environment together!

Do not miss the opportunity to taste Tupinamba coffee in the neomarket!

Address: Tbilisi, Agmashenebeli alley. 11 km. 

Visit the neomarkets in the following addresses:

Digomi - Tbilisi, Agmashenebeli alley. 11 km.
Kavtaradze - Tbilisi, N8 Petre Kavtaradze st.
Telavi - Telavi, Tbilisi highway 2nd km.
zestaphoni - Zestaphoni area, Village Argveta


Contact Us

Address: 117, Ak.Tsereteli Avenue, Tbilisi, Georgia