30 September 2021

International coffee day with Neogas

1 October is an international coffee day.


To celebrate this day, on October 1, coffee lovers in the neo-markets can taste the Spanish brand TUPINAMBA coffee AMERICANO completely free of charge.

Fill  a car with at least 10 m3 of natural gas at Neogas auto gas stations - Kavtaradze, Digomi, Telavi or Zestaponi, where neo-markets are located and get a free coffee voucher in the form of an SMS message.

Be sure to use Neocard or Neogas mobile app to purchase natural gas to participate in the promotion.


One voucher is issued for one transaction.

Vouchers can be used only on October 1.

Terms of use

The customer must present an SMS to the consultant at the neomarket and the voucher code indicated in it, then he/she will receive TUPINAMBA coffee AMERICANO completely free of charge.

The promotion will be valid only for 1 day, October 1.


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