31 May 2018

International Children's Day

On June 1, on the International Children's Day, visit Neogas with your children and get gifts at the following stations:

▶ Saburtalo, N6 University str.

▶ Ortachala, Gulua str. N22

▶ Varketili, Javakheti str. Opposite the 3rd mr

▶ Dighomi, Agmashenebeli Alley 11th km.

▶ Marneuli, 26 May St.

▶ Telavi, Tbilisi highway 2nd km.

▶ Kutaisi, Gugunava str. N1

Take a photo at the photo corner of Neogas Ortachala station from 13:00 to 18:00, where the animators and artists will take care of the children's mood and become part of the FACEBOOK photo competition!

Tag yourself in the photos uploaded by us, collect the highest number of likes and get as a gift:

I place - 200 GEL voucher for the toy store

II place - 150 GEL voucher for the toy store

III place - 100 GEL voucher for the toy store

Winners of the competition will be revealed on June 7th!

Address: Ortachala, N22 Gulua str.

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