02 June 2023

International Children's Day


On Children's International Day Neogas visited Chiori village public school and presented gifts

It has already become a tradition that Neogas celebrates Children's International Day in a special way. This year, the Chiori public school, located in the Oni municipality, in Racha were in the center of our attention. There are only five students in the school and their encouragement is especially important.

On June 1, Neogas visited the school of Chiori village, gave them the necessary and desirable sports equipment, tennis table, trampoline, books and gave school supplies and sweets to the children. This day was made unforgettable by the warm welcome of school teachers and students full of sincere emotions.

"For several years now, Neogas has been celebrating Children's International Day with various events. Caring for children's education, their future and their well-being should be the primary concern of all of us. On June 1, we tried to make the schoolchildren of Chiori village happy with gifts and our attention, which is especially needed by the schools located far from the centers", - says Esma Chachanidze, head of commercial department of Neogas.

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