01 January 2015

FORNOVOGAS's Top Selling Dispenser for 2014

The largest quantity of natural gas sold in the world was observed in 2014 on the existing Italian company FORNOVOGAS dispensers at the Neogas gas station, located at the University str. №6, because of which the gas station of Neogas received the certificate of FORNOVOGAS.


2014 FORNOVOGAS’s top selling dispenser

FORNOVOGAS holds the leading position in the field of production gas technology in the world market and its products are successfully used in more than 20 countries around the world.

Neogas network cooperates with FORNOVOGAS since 2012. With this brand dispensers Neogas Saburtalo, Varketili, Gori and Kutaisi gas stations are equipped.

By 2015, the company plans technological equipping another two stations with FORNOVOGAS products.

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