21 May 2021

EV Chargers at NEOGAS

You can use E-Space EV chargers to charge your electric vehicles at Neogas stations.

EV chargers are located at 8 Neogas stations.

Level II chargers:

  • Digomi, 121 D. Aghmashenebeli alley
  • Ortachala, 22 Gulua Street
  • Varketili, Javakheti Street, oppositeto 3rd micro district
  • Airport, Kakheti Highway 13th km
  • Zestafoni, Argveta Village
  • Kutaisi, 1 Gugunava Street
  • Samtredia, Dafnari Village
  • Telavi, 2nd km of Tbilisi Highway

Fast charger:

  • Zestafoni, Argveta Village

NEOGAS – Green is our choice!

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