07 August 2018

Electric Chargers at Neogas

Electric Chargers at Neogas

New Electric Chargers at Neogas!


One of the main priorities of Neogas is to take care of and support a safe environment. The company is also undertaking another major project and is developing a network of free electrical equipment for electric vehicles at Neogas stations.


Users can now use Neogas chargers for free at 8 stations!


NEOGAS is one of the largest networks of petrol stations in the country and owns 21 fixed stations and 13 mobile stations throughout Georgia.

Neogas offers customers the ability to operate vehicles powered by compressed natural gas. It should be noted that compressed natural gas is an environmentally friendly and inexpensive fuel compared to other alternative fuels such as petrol and diesel. By installing electric vehicle charging equipment, Neogas, as a socially responsible company, seeks to contribute to the protection of the environment by calling on consumers to choose the brand and product that stands behind care for the environment.


Herewith a list of Neogas Filling Stations where electric chargers are available:


  • Saburtalo, near Vakhushti Bridge
  • Ortachala, 22 Gulua Street
  • Varketili, opposite Javakheti Street-3 rd
  • Digomi, D. Aghmashenebeli Alley 11th km
  • Telavi, 2 km from Tbilisi Highway
  • Zestafoni, Argveta Village
  • Kutaisi, 1 Gugunava Street
  • Samtredia, Dafnari Village


Let's Take Care of the Environment Together!

Neogas - Goes Green!



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