29 November 2019

Action for Neogas Mobile App Owners!

Action for Neogas Mobile App Owners!

Use Neogas Mobile App and get a -15 tetri discount on every 1m³ of natural gas purchased

ow can I get 15 tetri benefit?

Fill your car of our Neogas filling stations, use mobile app and receive 15 tetri increased benefit on every 1m³ of natural gas. 10 tetri instant discount + 5 tetri accumulation.

Who can Participate in this Action?

The Action can be taken by Neogas users who own Neocard and have downloaded the Neogas mobile app on their smartphones or tablets.

How to download Neogas Mobile App?

Download the app for your smartphone and tablet from Google Play or the App Store for free.

Terms and Stations for Promotions:

The action will operate everyday, during 24 hours, from December 5. This offer is valid while action cubes last. At those stations where there is no instant discount, you will accumulate 15 tetri on your Neocard.  


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 Hot line: 2 47 16 16


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