15 September 2018

The Neogas Lucky Draw Has Begun

The Neogas Lucky Draw Has Begun

Become the Proud Owner of a Neocard!

Use your Neocard between 15 September and 15 December, and participate in our exciting lucky draw. How to enter the competition:

  • Purchase a minimum of 10m3 of natural gas - 1 ticket (10 m3 = 1 ticket, 20 m3 = 2 tickets, etc.).
  • For every 1 point accumulated on the Neocard you will receive 1 ticket.
  • Lucky draw tickets will be issued at all Neogas filling stations, excluding mobile stations.
  • Present your ticket as soon as you get it and win instant prizes: 5 m3 natural gas or Huawei smartphones that are immediately received.
  • The draw for the main prize - a KIA RIO - will take place on 25 December 2018 at 18:40 and this event will be televised live on Imedi TV!
  • Retain the left-hand stub of the ticket, and on the right-hand part of the ticket, fill in your personal mobile phone number and place it in the promotional lucky draw box at the station. Keep the left-hand stub until the final lottery draw.
  • Customers can use the natural gas voucher earned at any station within the Neogas network within 30 calendar days of winning.
  • The ticket will be considered invalid if damaged, if the phone number is illegible, if it cannot be validated or if there are any tampering with it.

General Rules for Participation in the Neogas Lucky Draw

  • Lucky Draw Procedure

    • The lucky draw will take place and the winner will be identified through real-time winning tickets.
    • Winners can be selected by the following methods: Lucky Draw, Spinning Drum, Telephone Number, Complete Unique Number and Personal Identification Number.
    • The unique number will identify the ticket holder of the main prize, and winner will be selected through the raffle spinning drum.
  • Terms and Conditions for Particiption

    * In order to participate in the lucky draw, the user must present their Neocard at the gas station, otherwise he / she will not be able to participate in the lucky draw. Customers who do not own a Neocard and wish to participate in the lucky draw can obtain a Neocard at any of the Neogas branches.
    * Non-legal entities, employees of Neogas Ltd and affiliated entities and their family members (mother, father, spouse, children, and siblings) are not eligible to participate in the lucky draw.
    * If the ticket holder does not place the ticket in the special box on the site, he / she can not participate in the final draw.
    * In case of loss or damage of the ticket by the user, he/she has no rights to complain to the organizer.
    * Tickets will be considered canceled/invalid if damaged, not clearly written or if the phone number is illegible, cannot be validated or if any other requirement or terms are violated.

  • General Rules for Participation in the Neogas Promotional Lucky Draw

    Any Georgian citizen and/or non–resident natural person may participate in the lucky draw who owns a Neocard and purchase at least 10 cubic meters of fuel at a single transaction at any Neogas filling station (10 cubic meters = 1 ticket, 20 cubic meters = 2 tickets) during the campaign period.
    • Entry requires at least 1 point to be added to the Neocard and card holders will receive 1 ticket in return (1 point on the Neocard card = 1 incentive ticket);
    • It is not allowed to issue lucky draw tickets to customers when purchasing natural gas with points accumulated on their Neocard.
    • When purchasing a ticket with a Neocard, purchase the same gas at the gas station with the same value points.

  • Instant Ticket Draw

    • Holders of Instant Tickets will be able to win instant prizes on the spot. In addition, as a result of having placed the right-hand stub of each ticket issued in the box installed at the gas station, that person will be involved in the final lucky draw (whether or not the ticket has won an instant prize). The winner will be announced by a raffle spinning drum to identify the main prize winner.
    • The ticket holder has to tear the ticket along the perforation line into two sections, of which the left-hand stub is retained and the right-hand stub is placed in the specially allocated box at the filling station.
    • The ticket holder is responsible to correctly complete the section on the right-hand stub indicating their personal mobile phone number in a clear, legible format, and thereafter it must be placed in the specially allocated box.
    • Vouchers for the instant prizes (Natural Gas Coupon or Mobile Phone) will be issued instantly at the place of entry (filling station), thereafter the holder has to complete the information required on the card, confirming being the winner and being eligble to receive the prize. In addition, the customer has the right to submit a winning ticket and claim a prize within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the draw. Neogas shall, within a period of 6 (six) days after the submission of the winning ticket by the customer, hand over the prize to the customer at the filling station where the ticket holder won.
  • Winners of a natural gas voucher can participate and win at any filling station of the Neogas Ltd network (except mobile gas stations):
    1. By presenting the voucher, the prize of a Natural Gas Voucher can be instantly claimed at the filling station where a cardholder has participated or;
    2. Prizes of a Natural Gas Voucher can be claimed at any of the Neogas filling stations within a period of thirty (30) days upon presentation of the winning ticket.
  • The Main Prize Draw will be Done by Means of a Raffle Drum

    • The promotional organizer will collect all tickets involved in the raffle. The final tickets will be collected from the Neogas Headquarters (18 Gazapkhuli Street, Tbilisi), where the tickets will be sealed in the Imedi TV building (5 Ljubljana Street, Tbilisi).
    • The winner will be identified by the host of the television program. The host will spin the drum and then withdraw the ticket of the potential winner from the spinning drum. Thereafter the host will announce the phone number indicated on the ticket stub as well as the unique ticket number with the exception of the last three digits. The host will then dial the number and congratulates the customer on winning upon confirmation of the last three digits.
      • If the customer does not answer the phone after 3 rings or after three attempts the hosts fails to reach the subscriber (for example, does not answer, the phone is unavailable / off or the subscriber cannot be reached) the ticket will be removed from the raffle and the host will then remove the next ticket stub from the spinning drum.
    • In order to receive the final prize, the participant must present the other half of the winning ticket (left-hand stub) which was kept by the user and present their valid identification.


    • The prize for the winning ticket must be claimed within a period of 30 days after announcement, and the prize will be handed over no later than within 6 working days after submission of the original winning ticket at Neogas Ltd., Ortachala filling Station located at 22 Gulua Street, Tbilisi.
  • Date And Place of Lucky Draws

    • Lucky Draws will be held throughout the country at all Neogas filling stations throughout the Neogas network, including those franchises which carry the brand as part of the franchise agreement with existing filling stations that supplies Neogas natural gas. The terms and conditions will apply to all fixed filling stations, with the exclusion of the mobile filling stations.
  • Time Frames for the Lucky Draw

    The Instant Lucky Draw competition will start on 15 September 2018 at 00:00 and end on 14 December 2018 at 23:59 pm. Winners of the Instant Lucky draw will be awarded their prizes on the spot.


    • Tickets for the main prize draw will start at 15:00 on 15 September 2018 and end on 14 December 2018 at 23:59 pm. Thereafter all tickets will be collected and the main prize will be announced via the Lucky Draw on 25 December 2018 on Imedi Television Channel. (The Lucky Draw will be broadcasted by On Imedi TV on 25 December 2018 at 6:40 pm).

    The winning prize will be awarded no later than 6 days after the submission of the winning ticket from the Neogas  Ortachala petrol station, located at 22 Gulua Street , Tbilisi.

  • Timeframes for Issuing Proceeds/Prizes:

    The final deadline for collecting proceeds/prizes from the win is 30 calendar days after the draw. Proceeds/prizes must be issued no later than 6 days after submission of the winning ticket (voucher).

  • Procedure for Reviewing Claims:

    In the event of any claim regarding the organization of the Incentive Draw, the customer shall have the right to file a complaint with the Organizer within 3 (three) days of the said occurrence of the incident.

  • Customers Can Lodge Claims.


    • Submit claims in writing to Neogas  Ltd Head Office, 18 Gazapkhuli Street, Tbilisi.

    The Organizer will make a final decision on the customer claim within a period of, but not exceeding 20 days, after receipt thereof. No further claims will be considered after the prize has been awarded.

  • Concluding Priovisions

    * The information provided in the Terms and Conditions may be requested by the customer at any of the Neogas filling stations. These are also available as posted on the company's website: www.neogas.ge and facebook: Neogas / Neogas.

    * It is not allowed to exchange prizes in lieu of cash.

    * Prizes may vary in color from images displayed in advertising material.

    * The Official Income Drawing Schedule will be published no later than 3 calendar days after the final draw.

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