01 December 2016

News for corporate customers

From December 2016, the company Neogas offers corporate customers the corporate card system. Corporate customers who have a desire to distribute the natural gas purchased by them to their cards, will benefit from the new corporate web application.

The web application will allow corporative consumers to receive information about the company’s cards and the balance of the existing natural gas. Consumers will have the option to add or reduce the amount of natural gas, see also the history of gas volume purchased by them, see the spending limits by their cards according to the stations and dates and control the history of the volumes distributed by the consumer.

The possibility of using a web application will have both physical and legal corporate customers.

Service through cards will be implemented at all auto-gas stations throughout Georgia.

Getting a card will be available at the head office of Neogas, Tbilisi, located on the Gazapkhuli str. №18

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