07 June 2022

International Children's Day

In addition to the ecological product and high-quality service, there is an issue that Neogas is particularly concerned about.

June 1 has been an important day since 1950 as we celebrate this day for our next generation, the children.

Neogas has been highlighting International Children's Day for several years and trying to make children happy and encouraged. The main characters of June 1, 2022, became school students in the village of Kanobi.

The village of Kanobi is located in Kazbegi district, consists of about 25 families, and the school has 7 students in total. Neogas visited Khanobi Public School, met the students, congratulated them on the International Children's Day, and donated the necessary and valuable items and equipment.

"Neogas pays significant attention to children within the framework of corporate social responsibility. We must do our best and try to make a happy life for the children. On June 1, we visited Khanoba Public School, We provided them with the necessary and desirable musical instrument, piano, and books for the school library, and provided with school supplies and sweets. It was really unexpected and doubly gratifying when the little ones held a special performance to meet us, for which we thank the school students and their teachers. " - Says Esma Chachanidze, head of Neogas commercial department.


About company:
Neogas is one of the leading brands in the Georgian market, offering customers ecologically clean products in the form of natural and liquefied gas. At this stage, Neogas owns 15 gas stations throughout Georgia. It aims to deliver an environmentally friendly and high-quality product to consumers.

Also, Neogas constantly offers its loyal customers various raffles and promotions. Any news can be found on the company's facebook page.

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